"なぜ夫婦になったのだろう、なぜ親子として出会ったのだろう、いったい 家族ってなんなのだろう・・・" そんな素朴な疑問に立ち返ってもらうのに、撮らしていただいた写真が少しでもお役に立てればと祈っています。

A new life is born in the same house where people died, and both birth and death were a part of their daily life. "The spirits of dead are living with us…"  The people's sparkling eyes told me that a feeling of awe and modesty for a spiritual life was the basis of their lives.  I realized how precious it was to be born into this world and live a life. I myself became a father of two children, and I began to think over the true meaning of well-being and ties of love within the family. You will then think about the memories of your encounter as husband and wife, the encounters with your children, and what a family means to you.  I am hoping that my photographs are of some help in making these recollections.