Shin-ichiro Sawano, Photographer

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
While studying at the Department of Photography in the College of Art of Nihon (Japan) University, he also worked in the Canadian High Arctic as a staff for the production of the movie “Antarctica”.
Shin-ichiro started to take photos of Africa in 1986 when he established a photography section for the Tourism Department of Malawi Government.
Since 1996 he has been spending a considerable amount of time in South Africa every year to film the largest in the world. Shin-ichiro has visited over 70 countries and has held many photo exhibitions and film lectures. He has been introduced through diverse media in Japan and abroad including the recent TV broadcast of “Great Nature” by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) BS channel. 
His works are owned by the Harvard University Library, San Francisco State University Library, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Nihon University College of Art.
He is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and a judge of the South Africa Tourism Office Photo Contest.
In 2014 he was recognized as Tourism Ambassador between South Africa and Japan from the Government.


澤野新一朗  写真家 南アフリカ観光親善大使

東京都杉並区生まれ。日本大学芸術学部写真学科に在学中、映画 「南極物語」のロケスタッフとしてカナダ北極圏に滞在。1986年マラウィ共和国政府観光局に写真部門を設立したことをきっかけにアフリカの撮影を始め、世界最大の野生の花園をライフワークとして長期滞在し取材。
  • 米国ハーバード大学図書館
  • サンフランシスコ州立大学図書館
  • 東京都写真美術館
  • 日本大学芸術学部所蔵
  • 英国王立園芸協会会員
  • 南アフリカ観光局フォトコンテスト審査員